Sunday, May 16, 2010

13- Amy Liu: Translation, Imitation, and Emulation pt 2

I also haven't posted the results of my Emulation project:

The next one is sort of a practice piece I worked on these last couple of days. I couldn't find the original painting, so I wanted to try making a color version:

Mary Kate LoPiccolo: Final Project

Friday, May 14, 2010

12 - Rachel Watson: Final Project

Here is my final project, which was a continuation of my Material Alchemy project using crayons to explore memorials to the Holocaust and genocide.

11 - Rachel Watson: Emulation Project

I realized that I never posted a picture of my Translation, Emulation project, so here it is:

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Edy: Final Paintings

11 Natalie Jones: Final project

11 Chloe Cohn- Color and Light and Final Project

I decided to post the two projects together, because my color and light project was almost like part 1 of my final project.
Color and Light
Final Project

11- Dani Cinali: Final Project

10 - Bryant A. Estrada - Material Alchemy

sorry, a little late...
This project is a birdhouse made out of different copies of The Beak of the Finch by Jonathan Weiner. The Class of 2013 was asked to read this book over the summer before coming in as a freshman, and I personally believe that it was one of the most useless things as I ever had to do (hence the idea of "turning something useless into something useful").

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

12 - Bryant A. Estrada - Final Project

I decided to take the whole idea of "What is Art?" to a different dimension. I chose to use watercolor as a way to put across the idea that art is something where emotion and expressions of feelings can be seen. I decided to use the whole idea about being able to tell a person's emotions just by looking at their eyes. The first one that I made was the sad one (blue eye with black tears), next was the calm/peaceful one (brown eye), and then the angry eye (brown/green eye with eyebrow).

11 - Bryant A. Estrada - Color & Light